Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The blogosphere: what everybody is saying about Steve

Lots of bloggers across the web have been sounding out Steve's credibility and his subsequent rising profile.

LiveJournal: nhw
It is interesting that a) the front-runner is already so clearly established, despite the fact that we are in very early days yet, and b) that Steve Webb is so close behind Chris Huhne for second place. Myself, I haven't made my mind up yet. I voted for Huhne last time, but the two other likely serious candidates (Clegg and Webb, not Hemming) both seem to me to share his strengths, weaknesses and policy preferences. I'm willing to be educated, of course.

Even from a South West Conservative Future blogger:
He shouldn't be underestimated as a leadership contender. The national press are primarily talking about Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne, but a look at Steve Webb's record to date suggests he has a chance. In 1997 he won Northavon off the Conservatives, he continued to consolidate his hold on the seat to the extent that in the new Thornbury and Yate seat, he has a 10,000 plus majority... The "other Webb" in South Gloucestershire is likely to be a real contender to lead the Lib Dems.

And finally West Brom Blog with a poll that puts the candidates on the following:

Nick Clegg: 35.7%
Chris Huhne: 14.3%
Steve Webb: 28.6%
Other: 21.4%

It's clear Steve is rising fast. Don't forget to express your support by joining the Steve for Lib Dem Leader Facebook group!


Mark said...

I would usually be voting for someone like Clegg as he is to the right of the party. However as both Brown and Cameron occupy the centre/centre right ground it would be foolsih for the Lib Dems to follow. The last thing the voters want is another party with the same policies. Webb may be a social liberal but even so I think this gives him the benefit of being a real alternative to Brown/Cameron with the potential to woo in a lot of disillusioned voters.

What are Webbs policies anyway. How far to the left of the party is he?

Anonymous said...

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